Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Fetal Heart Doppler Can Reduce Worry

If you're expecting, then like many mothers to be you probably have a certain amount of worry over whether your baby is healthy or not. It's hard to deal with having a precious life growing inside you that you can't see or physically connect with easily. You're pretty much left with visiting the doctor every once in a while and hoping the news is good... or are you?

Don't feel utterly helpless without a doctor or nurse around! Fetal doppler technology, originally developed for hospital use, has come a long way over the years. You can take these hospital-quality machines and import them into your very own home, bringing the doctor's office to you. For the price of a meal at a semi-nice restaurant, you can listen to your baby's heartbeat whenever you like, loud and clear. In fact, other people can even listen to it with you! Fetal doppler technology is used and trusted by medical professionals, so it's good enough for you, too, wouldn't you say?

The whole process works in a very simple way. A dash of ultrasound gel on the tummy, a wave of the rounded probe in a slow, circular motion... and bingo, there's a little one's heartbeat, pounding away healthy and strong. Why wait on a doctor to do it once every few weeks when you can do it for yourself? Are you really comfortable with waiting several weeks to check and see if your baby is still healthy? Probably not. Heartbeat irregularities can cause things to go south very quickly, and by the time you've noticed, it will probably be too late... unless, of course, you have a fetal doppler with you. By putting the power of monitoring your baby's health in the hands of the parents, fetal dopplers work to see to the absolute safety of the baby regardless of medical bureaucracy, inconvenient travel times, and other factors that can get in the way of perfect care.

Certainly, it would be lying to say that all dopplers are one hundred percent accurate. But if you do your part as a consumer, you'll have no reason to own anything less than excellent doppler technology. By checking for product credentials, asking around with other mothers and with medical staff, and looking into companies, brand names, and particular dopplers models, you can sort the chaff from the wheat and wind up getting exactly what you want for your little bundle of joy. And the price for it all is often less than the cost of having a meal delivery.

At the end of the day, just ask yourself this: are you better off not owning a fetal doppler, or would owning one ease your mind, even a little? Nothing is more precious than being able to enjoy the times we have with our loved ones, and being able to feel secure in each other's safety. If you don't have that, why not just go buy it?

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