Thursday, July 22, 2010

How Baby Heart Monitors Work

When a woman gets pregnant, there are so many products for her that would help her in her condition. This state of a woman is very delicate and she must do her best to take care of herself. In fact, one of the products that she can use is the baby heart monitor.

This ultrasound device allows the mother to check the heartbeat of the baby growing inside her womb. This can be detected for as early as ten weeks into the pregnancy of the woman.

When you use the baby heart monitor, this is very similar to the "Doppler effect." To recap, the Doppler effect is like a train whistle that is heard loudly whenever it comes closer and closer. But after the train passes by, the sound also drops and becomes lower.

The baby heart monitor allows the mother to hear the actual frequency of the heartbeat of the child and it is as if the baby is right next to her already. This can also be increased and decreased depending on the level the mother wants it to be.

Doctors have already used baby heart monitors not only for pregnant women but other hospital applications such as those involving medical and surgical purposes. The main root of the baby heart monitors is the ultrasound that is used to locate things that are found in space.

By sending out the frequency, the object bounces off from one point to another. The calculation of this speed of sound is what makes up the frequency that is heard through the baby heart monitors.

This is similar to that if the navy ships. They calculate the speed of sound and measure the frequency that returns. This is determined by the things that are inside the object that they are monitoring.

For example, for navy ships they use sonar to locate ridges and underwater mountains. They also use sonar to track the other ships that are sailing on the ocean. The ship sends out tones which bounce off other objects.

When this returns, it returns as another frequency. These tones are then read by professional sonar listeners. These are fed into computers and are called the read-outs.

At the gynecologist, the sonar is similar to the frequencies that are used in ultrasound tests. The functions are the same considering that the sound "bounces off" the baby. Then an image is generated and eventually displayed on the computer screen.

Just remember that a baby heart monitor is not like a microphone. The baby heart monitor magnifies the sounds that are going on inside the body without interference noises. This is the exact opposite of a microphone.

Parents turn to baby heart monitor for this very reason. It allows them to check on the health of the baby by listening to its heartbeat.

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